Let's get this party started, yo

It just took me about an hour to choose a blog name (that's like hard...you don't want it to be lame or boring or too hard or weird...and then once you FINALLY FIGURE IT OUT...someone else has swiped that URL...and never posted a single post...not...helpful) and here I am!

A little about me...I've written blogs on and off for over a decade but this is the first time I've moved away from my personal life and gone toward writing on HOW TO do the things that I'm so passionate about.

I'm a mom to three girls and wife to my husband (whom I met in 7th grade...WOW...simmer- we've only been together for the last sixteen years) . My heart is in Texas but my current home is in Wisconsin, being warm and feeling at home are things that are super important to me. Because my heart is so far away I work hard to make my house feel like home and make it a place where I can breathe easily and feel content. Content is a big way that I live my life. Sheryl Crow once sang, "It's not having what you want, I
t's wanting what you've got" and these words always resonated with me personally and professionally.

Is it easier to work with an endless supply of money to make your house or business the best it can be? Well, duh, sorta. When you can afford to pay someone to come in and then pay them to do whatever it is they want to do to make your space "yours", I guess that's easy.  What's really happening in that scenario though is someone is making something feel like 'you' instead of it actually being yours. The more fun challenge though is to want what you've got (either things on hand or finding things in your budget) and make it work for you. Your house, your wardrobe, the visuals of your business can all be exactly what you want them to be- really, they can- if you open your mind, take your time and know what you want- you can have it all.

I've already got a project chomping at the bit hanging out on my dining room table right behind me. So, without further adieu, I shall end my official introduction and move on to the fun stuff.

Cheap & Chic Chick, who is SOOOOOO excited about this first project


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