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I *pink puffy heart* Tuesdays and New Beginnings

So today is Tuesday which I don't really think gets its fair dues.

Everyone hates on really hates on it because it took the fun weekend days of doing whatever we want to away and replaced it with icky things like work and responsibility. Then Wednesday is all, "Yay!!!! It's Hump Day, half way to the weekend!!!" but Tuesday? Poor Tuesday.

Today I gave Tuesday a fair shake. I worked out (I downloaded this app that's helping keep me accountable because FUCK my scale, turkey wings and whatever the hell has happened to the rest of my mid-section) and then I had so much energy that I actually made a lasagna to stick in the oven tonight since I knew we'd be at a friend's house until after the all sacred mid-afternoon time slot to actually make something.

AND NOW I'M BLOGGING...LIKE REALLY BLOGGING again. HUGE thank you to Kristine over at Random and Odd for initiating the blog revival. I've tried writing since the hey-day but I just couldn&#…

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