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I Met a Blogger...and I didn't like it!!!!

Yesterday I met a blogger who is given cars to drive and review.

Like, come again?

How does this happen? I blogged for YEARS because it was "fun" but you know what would have made it more fun? If Ford sent ME cars to drive and review!!!!!!

Somehow, once again, I have missed the boat on how to make a shitton of money putting in the work I was already doing. This is the story of my life've seen those people who ALWAYS take the hard road to get to their destination only to not make it to their destination but to fall short and have to stay in some weird motel that smells sort of like cigarette smoke and old socks, right? Pretty sure that's me.

I've done reviews for Amazon through Snagshout which has been awesome. For awhile something came out that Amazon would delete your reviews if you said you got the items for free or at a discount but lately I'm seeing those reviews pop up again- not sure what that's about but I do love to share a good product…

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