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Yes, my house is always clean and my life is always perfect except for NEVER.

Yesterday was rough. Like super-de-duper rough. Like every time I turned around I'd start crying.

Why, you ask?

Let me back up a moment.

I came home from my morning work out which on Tuesday is awesome because on Tuesdays I get on the treadmill, set my incline, speed and time and then totally space out watching Shameless. It's my second time watching the show all the way through (not to brag or anything) but I like it because when I'm feeling like my life is a hot mess I think, "Damn, at least I'm not Fiona." I was watching This Is Us on the treadmill. You definitely don't want to do that in a public place or people will think you are completely loony tunes. One minute you are actually sobbing and  dribbling snot all over the place and the next minute you are snorting from laughter. Those writers are totally amazing at tapping into every single emotion you are capable of feeling in a span of 15 seconds. But, like I said, you do that shit in public and peo…

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