Randomness: The Cold Morning Edition

We are dangerously close to Christmas...and, oddly enough, I cannot get my mind wrapped around it...this might have something to do with the fact that I haven't wrapped any gifts yet either..no wrapping of the mind or the gifts.

Top 5 Random Thoughts for this Morning
1. Jeans should never be made with less than 2% elasticity...ever. Truthfully that's just asking for suicidal and anorexic thoughts and nobody wants that.

2. I don't know if the Romans or Greeks actually had cheeseball but if they didn't they weren't true Gods and Goddesses because this is the food of the Gods (recipe to come...see today's photo for half eaten cheeseball cleverly stored in a milk glass juicer because #doubleduty).

3. Nope, I don't see a correlation between numbers 1 and 2 and if you do please leave. If you can't say something nice then say nothing at all...even if it's glaringly obvious to you.

4. Today it's like 28 degrees here and it feels like a heatwave. I am not proud to be saying this but after days with highs of -3 and 11 28 feels downright balmy. Even the dog didn't have to do her crazy "Holy Crap Is It COLD Outside" tearing through the house after going out this morning.

5. I cannot for the life figure out how I got so much glitter in my lint trap this morning. I washed towels and sheets. I know, having raised three girls for over a decade now, glitter and sequins are always in my lint trap but coming from bedding and towels? This is new even to me.

And now I must put the cheeseball away and go to work...I love my job, I absolutely do but the fact that there's no central heat makes me less motivated to go when it's so freaking cold. Today I will suck it up Buttercup and I will not whine...too much.

A Cheap & Chic Chick, who is going to bundle up and act like a grown up...


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